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Founded in 2004, the Youth's Film Academy (YFA) is a joint project of the Poznań Film Foundation, Multikino, and Children Art Centre.

YFA is an educational project providing young people with an opportunity to learn about film art taking as examples masterpiece of Polish and world cinema as well as popular films. Its purpose is to assist young people in making proper choices when selecting from the rich offer of modern culture. The curriculum covers the history of filmmaking and film genres, and includes also visual arts and literature.

YFA is designed for primary and secondary school pupils and its programme covers the whole school year, from October to June. The last film show in the Academy's programme is an event within the International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! Each age bracket has its carefully selected repertoire. When preparing it, we have taken into account the syllabi drafted by the Ministry of National Education and Sports. The repertoires have also been consulted with teachers and methodologists.

YFA offers not only film screenings but also lectures by experts in cinema and culture. An additional attraction is an opportunity to meet filmmakers. Each semester, we publish a special methodology guidebook for teachers running texts introducing viewers to individual film cycles, analyzing films and providing ready classroom scenarios. All texts for the guidebook are written by renowned scholars from Adam Mickiewicz University as well as pedagogues and methodologists with many years of professional experience.

YFA supplements the teaching of the Polish language and culture studies and provides illustrations to subjects taken up at form periods. We hope that the pictures we show make pupils think and discuss them and that their subjects and artistic forms of expression are attractive to young people.

In the 2004/2005 school year we have presented the following subject cycles for different age groups:

Primary school. Forms 1-3
The cycle consisted of films whose producers and directors interpreted the word "fairy-tale" in different ways. They gave the youngest viewers an opportunity to learn about different ways of film presentation from classical animation, through combined techniques to actor films. The repertoire included: My Brother Bear, Tytus, Romek & A'Tomek Among Thieves of Dreams, Rudolf, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Mio, My Mio and Mr. Blot's Academy. The cycle was supplemented with a painting/drawing competition for the youngest viewers with valuable book awards. The children met Andrzej Gosieniecki, director of the short animated film Sunny Town awarded a Silver Stroke at the Kraków OFAFA Festival. They also had an occasion to ask about many fascinating issues related to the making of an animated film.

Primary school. Forms 4-6
The programme of this cycle gradually led the young viewer from the world of fairies and legends to the cinema of adventure and fantasy. Pupils learned about film counterparts of genres they encounter in Polish language classes. Film illustration made it easier to grasp genre features and differences in poetics. The programme of the cycle, which made viewers aware of the wealth of modern culture, its diversity, interrelations and mutual inspirations between its components, included: In Eighty Days Around the World, In Desert and Jungle, Mysterious Garden, Spirited Away. In the Land of Gods and One Hundred Minutes of Holidays. Pupils from forms 4-6 had a chance to meet Karolina Sawka starring in In Desert and Jungle, and Andrzej Maleszka and Piotr Budzowski, directing and starring in One Hundred Minutes of Holidays respectively.

Middle School
The problem of initiation shown from different angles: moral maturity, growing up to making one's own decisions and growing up to responsibility. The questions posed concerned the problems of teenagers, their psyche and the way they think about the world. The cycle exposed young viewers to different cultures, and lectures by Dr. Lucyna Bakiera, a psychologist, Ryszard Pempera, an educator, and Monika Talarczyk-Gubała, a film expert, made them reflect upon differences and similarities between cultures. Pupils also met activists of the One World Society and Amnesty International and learned about the objectives of these organizations in the context of the film 300 Miles to Heaven. In the context of the film Civil Wars young viewers talked to members of the Muslim community in Poznań. In relation to the film The Fourth Floor pupils discussed the objectives of the Foundation I Have A Dream. The hardships of the acting profession were presented by Karolina Sobczak, an actress starring in Hi, Tereska. Middle school pupils were fascinated by two other films: Nói Albinói, a tragicomedy, and philosophical Squint Your Eyes.

Secondary School
The theme of the cycle focused on the relationships between cinema and other arts: literature, painting, music and dance. Individual pictures - adaptations of literary works - referred to epochs and trends in art discussed in Polish language and culture studies classes. The strong side of the cycle was the diversity of films shown: from animations to actor films, from a traditional biography to an impressionistic work and excellent lecturers. They helped convince the young people that various forms of art merge with each other, that different traditions and working methods are combined, that modern culture is a highly complex phenomenon. Prof. Dobrochna Ratajczakowa spoke on the brilliant dancer Nizhinski, Prof. Piotr Śliwiński lectured on the cursed poet Wojaczek, Dr. Marek Wedeman provided insights into the drama of The Wedding, Dr. Krzysztof Moraczewski discussed the exceptional painting of Frida Kahlo and Iwona Grodź let her audience on the secrets of Piotr Dumała's animation - the films Crime and Punishment and Franz Kafka.

For the coming 2005/2006 school year we have designed an equally attractive film and education programme. We hope that it will again enjoy your keen interest.

See you then next season!
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